Get over it people. Snapchat is not for sending nude photos.  In fact, I would (will) argue that’s one of the worst uses for the ephemeral photo app.

To review, Snapchat is a mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows you to send pictures and short videos to your friends.  The catch is, what you send is only visible for a certain number of seconds and only by holding your finger on the screen.  As soon as you tap to view the picture or video, the countdown starts.  You get at most 10 seconds and then it is gone forever.  If you act quickly you can take a screenshot but it will alert the sender.

Sounds like a great way to send nude selfies to your significant (or not so significant) other right?


Last night during Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, I found one of the best uses for Snapchat. It was a back and forth game the whole way through and close to the end.  Ultimately the Heat ended up winning by 3 in overtime.  The game was on a Tuesday night so most of my friends watched alone in the comfort of their own homes.  It was such a good game though, we all wanted to share in the excitement together.

Enter, Snapchat.  Anytime there was a huge play, a bad call, or an opportunity for smack talk we would all send a quick video of our reaction. Depending on your rooting interests, those usually consisted of yelling, screaming and the occasional Arsenio fist pump or an audible sigh and a face palm.  It was if we were all sitting on the couch, watching the game together.

Sure we could have joined a Google Hangout, Skyped, or used Facetime, but I don’t want to constantly look at your face while you watch the game or listen in on your conversation with your wife about the dog.  Short, entertaining reactions is all I want.  Since Snapchat compresses the videos and pictures, they are sent almost instantaneously. Sending by SMS or MMS would be very difficult, especially sending videos from iOS to Android or vice versa.  Not to mention the storage space and data usage.

Now, let’s think about getting that nip slip Snapchat.  Don’t get me wrong, if you get one it’s great.  But don’t you want to see those for more than 10 seconds or maybe even go back and see them again?  Sure if you are the sender, its nice to know that they are gone forever and you can feel a little safer.  But if you are on the receiving end, it’s ultimately just a tease.  I agree there advantageous to use Snapchat for nudies but there are too many better uses that I don’t think the average person is considering.

Next time someone says, “I don’t use Snapchat, that’s just for sexting.” You can tell them, “No, you’re just doing it wrong.”

BONUS: Other ways to use Snapchat:

  • Send a quick pick-me-up or I love you
  • Share the music you are listening to
  • Snap a quick shot of that exotic car you just saw
  • Send an SOS shot of that huge spider you need someone to smush for you
  • Capture a funny sign, misspelling, or anything else that doesn’t necessitate a Facebook post
  • I even created an entire Snapchat Challenge contest where I sent video and picture challenges to my friends and they earned points by completing them.

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