Morning Music Update 8/12 – Catch-up post

I haven’t kept up with my post lately, so here is a catch-up post with videos!

Morning Music Update 8/7

Thursday and Wednesday updates to the Morning Music Update.

Morning Music 8/5/14

Ever wake up to a song stuck in your head? I normally do, so I decided to start tracking it for a month. Today’s installment, Kongos- Come With Me Now.

Snapchat is NOT for Sexting – Regardless of What You Think

Get over it people. Snapchat is not for sending nude photos.  In fact, I would (will) argue that’s one of the worst uses for the ephemeral photo app. To review, Snapchat is a mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows you to send pictures and short videos to your friends.  The catch is, what you send is only visible for a certain number of seconds and only by holding your finger on the …more Revude

Slow Down I’m Trying to Scan Your QR Code!

Don’t know what a QR code is? Click here and read this before you continue with this post. I saw this truck on my drive in this morning and I just had to write a little rant. QR codes have become much more common these days. You see them everywhere and mostly without instructions on how to use them. I guess we assume most people know what they are and how to scan one. (Probably …more Revude

Compare iOS7, Windows Phone 8 and Android Design

Apple has unveiled their Jony Ive inspired redesigned iOS7 and it has inspired me. Let’s explore the differences by  looking at what an app for Milk would look like for the three major mobile operating systems. Click image for full size

Help Me #KillTheBeard

That furry face is indeed me. For the last couple months I have enjoyed the benefits of a non-shaven face. This has led to a prolonged life for my razor blade, but ultimately, less smooching from the wife. This isn’t the first time I have gone post-election-Al-Gore, however. The previous two times I have had more than just a five o’clock shadow have been for a specific reason, both of which were Halloween. The first …more Revude

Why I love new Apple Maps

Here is a quick reminder in case you forgot. Apple recently made changes in iOS6 to their maps app. It was previously powered by Google Maps, but they opted to kick their rival to the curb and created their own Apple Maps app (I like saying that). This has caused quite a bit of controversy in the world of geeks and smartphone users. Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) even went so far as to apologize …more Revude

Thick7 – Hottest New Hip Hop Group?

Would you hit that? A question that is asked repeatedly in Thick7′s debut music video which is getting much attention since it first appeared on Youtube on Sunday, May 27th.  While you were BBQing and drinking by the pool to celebrate Memorial Day, Thick7 was dropping bombs that you’ll never forget (a lyric from the song). Featuring Alison Haslip formerly of G4′s Attack of the Show, as the sexy bartender, the video follows the Thick7 …more Revude

2012 March Madness – Logo Tournament (Midwest Region)

First of all, I keep accidentally writing North Region. We had South, West, and East, and now Midwest. Makes sense because of the venue, but really throws me off. OK, let’s get into it. Round of 64 I need to point out that I only got one of the play in games right. Just shows that the play in games are stupid. Anyway, to the matter at hand.  I’m really not sure why UNC has …more Revude

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